Resep: Lezat Chocolate muffin Cara Luna Maya

Resep: Lezat Chocolate muffin Cara Luna Maya

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Chocolate muffin Cara Luna Maya. This classic chocolate muffin recipe will make perfectly soft and rich in chocolate flavour muffins every time, so you can rest assured they will be a success with your friends and family. This easy chocolate muffin recipe is incredibly moist and intensely chocolate! The secret to getting domed tops on your chocolate muffins is to start baking them at a high heat.

Chocolate muffin TESTED & PERFECTED RECIPE - These tender chocolate muffins with a double hit of chocolate are made to order for the chocoholics in your life. These are the best chocolate muffins you'll ever have. Super chocolatey, moist yet dense, with crunchy tops. Anda dapat membuat Chocolate muffin menggunakan 10 resep dan 3 langkah. Inilah cara Anda membuat ini.

Resep Untuk Membuat Chocolate muffin

  1. Anda membutuhkan 200 gr dari terigu.
  2. Kemudian 30 gr dari maizena.
  3. Kemudian 50 gr dari coklat bubuk.
  4. Kemudian 180 gr dari gula halus.
  5. Persiapkan 30 gr dari palm sugar.
  6. Kemudian 1 sdt dari baking powder.
  7. Anda membutuhkan 100 gr dari butter cair.
  8. Persiapkan 180 gr dari susu cair.
  9. Kemudian 2 butir dari telur.
  10. Persiapkan secukupnya dari Coklat chip.

They look and taste just like the ones in the bakeries. While I call these Chocolate Muffins, their deep chocolate flavor and wonderfully moist texture, remind me more of chocolate cake. Mini Chocolate Muffins: Fill muffin cups only about halfway. A couple teaspoons of batter per cup is plenty.

Langkah-langkah Pembuatan Chocolate muffin

  1. Ayak terigu,maizena dan coklat bubuk. Aduk rata,tambahkan gula halus,palm sugar dan baking powder memakai whisk smp rata..
  2. Tambahkan telur,aduk hingga tercampur. Masukan susu cair dan butter cair,aduk smp tercampur rata. Campurkan coklat chip,aduk kembali..
  3. Sendokkan kedlm paper cup,sy dpt 8 cup,panggang dgn suhu 200’ slm 25 menit ato sesuai oven masing2..

These richly chocolate muffins are made entirely from scratch using cocoa powder and chocolate chips. Read on for tips on how to get soft, fluffy muffins every. This Chocolate Muffin Mix will store for up to a year if kept in a cool, dry place with the lid in place. Flourless double chocolate peanut butter muffins made with healthier ingredients and very low added sugar! These Easy Chocolate Chip Muffins are just like mom used to make!